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Actor, musician, producer; Xander Turian has achieved a lot since entering the film industry in 2013. Having played the lead in the music video for his band, Our Untold Story's first single "Hell House", Xander began picking up work as an extra in Commercials and TV shows in Sweden before studying theatre in Stockholm and later enrolling at Prague Film School where he is now a global ambassador after graduating with honors in May 2018.

Xander has also received tutelage from world renowned acting teachers Bernard Hiller, David Penn, Lisa Wolpe & Mel Churcher to name a few.

From there, Xander continued to secure work in various short films and TV shows, including a role alongside Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne in Carnival Row.

This lead to him signing with international agent, Caprice Crawford at Crawford Talents.

Since 2017 alone, Xander has won several awards for various leading and supporting roles, including Best Actor In An Indie Film at the New York Film Awards, and has taken part in a handful of panels, documentaries and interviews aired around the world.

In 2017, Xander directed, produced and starred in the successful horror short "Rotten Love", which was selected by dozens of film festivals around the world and secured 17 awards. He was also involved in one of Sweden's most successful and popular horror films of the year, "Sargad" as both actor and producer. Xander is signed on to direct the sequel.

As a musician, Xander tours in between acting jobs, and his band, Our Untold Story, who released their first full length album "My Dreams, My Rules" in June 2018. The band have secured various award wins and nominations for their video "Calm Seas Don't Make Good Sailors", including the Bronze Medal award at the Global Music Awards in 2017 and Best Original Song at The Oniros Film Awards.

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