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Direct Deposit (2017) — Short Heist Film

Direct Deposit (2017) — Short Heist Film

"Direct Deposit" is a Swedish short heist film that tells the story of four robbers who have for unknown reasons entered an office in Stockholm. During the heist, their motive becomes clearer and clearer. It's in both Swedish and English, so select captions for subtitles. starring Johnny Höglin as Henrik Stefan Karlsson as Daniel Navid Ghaffarpour as Tom Dennis Konway as John with Lennart B. Sandelin as The Boss with Andrew Perry as Swat Team Leader and special appearance by Roberto Gonzalez as Elderly Man Written and directed by: Emilio Janhunen Calderon Produced by: Alicia Eichenholz Cinematograpy by: Hampus Harderborn Co-cinematographers: Emilio Janhunen Calderon & Pauli Janhunen Calderon Camera assistant & key grip: Marcel Rossi Sound work by: David Anghel Armourer & tactical advisor: Andrew Perry ( Swat tactical choreographer: Jotarkka Ahjokoski ( Assistant director & make-up artist: Alicia Eichenholz Location manager: Mayte C. Grobet Project supervisor: Pauli Janhunen Calderon Police costumes & equipment: Andrew Perry, Jotarkka Ahjokoski, David Karp & Mika Mäenpää Costumes: Alicia Eichenholz, David Anghel & Angelica Svärdson Edited by: Emilio Janhunen Calderon, Alicia Eichenholz, Hampus Hardeborn, Marcel Rossi & Pauli Janhunen Calderon Re-edit assembly & color grading by: Andreas Fröblom Hostages: Elin Gustafsson, Mats Säfström, Elsa Kvensler, Anja Broms, Lotta Forsberg, Ninnie Tingsvik, Greger Zetterqvist, Josephine Hoffmann & Ivar Grahn Swat Team: Mikael Björkman, Xander Turian, Eloi Harison, Mattias Ng, Joacim Landin, Magnus Bäckström, Mia Ringstrom, Kim Sjöberg & Jotarkka Ahjokoski (Police dispatch voice) Featuring: Joakim Guttman as The Security Guard Jerry Westergren as The Boxer Daisy Johansson as Tom's Wife Thanks to Solna Gate, Stillerska Filmgymnasiet, Uncut, And grateful thanks to Starbreeze Studios for letting us their music. The short was filmed in Stockholm, Sweden throughout March 2017 and screened at Stockmotion Film Festival during October 2017. It's co-produced by Stillerska Filmgymnasiet and Uncut. DEP Films 2017