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I am very happy to be announcing two new screen acting workshops that I will be teaching this spring in London, England.

Since moving here in late 2019, I have been waiting for the right opportunity to continue building my company, The Global Acting Studio which I founded after graduating from Prague Film School. Finally, after a year since the lockdowns and restrictions from the pandemic have been lifted, I have now partnered up with Independent Drama/ID Fight to be able to offer my workshops in their studio space in Bromley-by-Bow.

9am - 5pm, Monday 27th February - Friday 3rd March (£270)

Are you looking to improve your on-camera acting skills? Perhaps you have attended drama school and want more screen acting experience, you may be a working actor who wants to sharpen your skills and keep your acting muscle strong between jobs, or you may have taken some other acting classes and want to continue your training. Our five-day intensive screen acting workshop will focus on getting you comfortable and confident in front of the camera and improving your acting skills for the screen.

During the week you will be given a scene to work on with a partner from the class. We will go through script analysis techniques and you will be given time to put them to practice in a mock audition. Throughout the rehearsal process, each group will work on blocking their scene and be given feedback and direction before filming the scenes in a variety of shot sizes and angles. On the final day, we will go through the filmed scenes to analyse and provide feedback on your performance. We will then end the course with a discussion on “The Business of Acting” and how you can set effective goals and actively work towards achieving them.

6pm - 9pm, Friday Evenings (£190)

This is a weekly evening class taking place over 5 Friday evenings from 10th March to 7th April.

This class is open to all levels and each week will focus on exploring exercises and techniques to hone your skills as a screen actor.

Course Tutor is Xander Turian

Xander is a screen actor, director, coach and stunt performer. He started his journey as a musician, performing on stages around the world, before making the leap into acting. Xander holds a Master of Arts degree with Distinction from Raindance Film School, where he focused on “Self-producing & directing as an actor” and graduated with honours from Prague Film School’s “Acting for Film Program” which was founded by casting director, Nancy Bishop. Xander is currently working towards his PhD, “A practical exploration of stunts from the point of view of performer and director”.

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