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Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

I have been in a bit of a creative slump lately. I feel as though I did not create any original work during 2019 and in 2020 I have already begun changing that, largely thanks to this book.

Big Magic is a book on overcoming your creative blocks and finding your own voice by allowing the Big Magic of creativity to flow through you, allowing ideas to come to fruition and not pass us by.

In fact, thanks to this book I have written my first film synopsis in several years and am currently working on another one. I have also started planning a new project with my band as well.

Reading Elizabeth Gilbert's words sparked something inside of me that is always there in the background, but that I have not prioritized in a long while. It is invigorating to allow myself to create and find my Big Magic again.

This post is not really a review or a break down in anyway, but more of a personal reflection on the emotions and feelings that it brought up for me when reading it. The concepts within its pages are very close to my heart and I would highly recommend this book to anybody within the creative fields; actors, musicians, writers, film makers, entrepreneurs and really anyone who wants to find some passion and Big Magic in their own lives.

Here is to the first book read in 2020, the first book blog of 2020 and the first month of creativity and BIG MAGIC of 2020!!!

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