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Corona Lockdown Blog

During these strange Corona times I have decided to get back in to working on keeping my blog updated and share some of my work, what I am doing and generally find ways to keep myself busy while the entire entertainment industry is on hold.

Jojo and I have been doing a lot of home workouts together every day which has given us a nice routine to start our days off. We have also been reading a lot which means I will be writing a new book review very soon as well.

During this time I have received some positive news regarding my next chapter in life. I will be starting my Masters Program in Film Making at Raindance here in London which is a 2 year MA Program where I will be focusing as a writer/director working on developing characters for myself to act and portray.

For now as there are no acting projects for me to work on I am currently focusing on writing and will also be sharing my previous bodies of work here on my blog for you to enjoy from the comfort of your home.

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