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Filmpoliserna & Direct Deposit

During my time studying theatre at Bromma [Folkhögskola] I also began training stage combat more regularly. I was constantly seeking out new people to train with and new skills to add to my repertoire, something that I still do. During that time Sarah [Giercksky] and I started going to a weekly training session with Joacim [Landin] who became a good friend of ours (You can see the behind the scenes of his latest project The Rage which he is producing currently HERE).

During these sessions we worked on a variety of things and started putting together some fight sequences for scenes we were writing. Joacim also introduced us to some members of the Swedish Film Police training group: Filmpoliserna.

Filmpoliserna own an arsenal of military, police, fire and ambulance equipment, uniforms and vehicles and also offer training in firearms, tactical movement and standard, up to date jargon and codes so as to be able to portray these services correctly on camera. They then hire out their equipment, weapons and trained people to TV and Movies.

Training with Andrew [Perry] and the rest of the Filmpolis coaches and members was always so much fun. Having done my military service back in 2010 as a military police I loved being able to use these skills and perform tactical training exercises again.

I had just done an audition and been shortlisted for one of the main roles in a short student final exam film where I would be playing one of three bank robbers, each with their own back story explaining their motivation for stealing the money. My character was an ex boxing champion who was fined and banned from competing for misconduct. It was a cool role that I ended up not getting. However I am very happy that it was another good friend of mine that got the role.

Stefan [Karlsson] was perfect for the part and me not getting it meant that when the offer came to be part of the SWAT team that raid the bank and be the arresting officer, I was able to say yes and get more free training and work with everyone anyway.

The team from Stillerska Filmgymnasiet in Lidingö, Stockholm had hired out the Santander office building in Solna. We shot in the main lobby, down in the basement and in the parking lot. It was an early start and we spent the first few hours running drills and formations, getting the layout of the building and working out our movements together with the cameras and the extras that would arrive later in the day to play hostages.

It was a long and tough day and it was great to be working with so many friends all on the same shoot. I love doing stunts and working with firearms. What kept us going was the amazing protein shakes provided by Mikael [Björkman] and Nutrifarm (I was not paid to advertise).

The final film premiered at cinema ZITA in Stockholm and was nominated for awards in The Stockholm Film Festival, Stock Motion Middle Weight category and at the Västerås Film Festival.


Direct Deposit - Links

Four robbers have for unknown reasons entered an office in Stockholm. During the heist, their motive becomes clearer and clearer.

Stillerska Filmgymnasiet in Association with UnCut UngFilm Produktion Present

'Direct Deposit'

Written & Directed by Emilio Janhunen Calderon Produced by Alicia Eichenholtz

Director of Photography - Hampus Hardeborn Additional Camera - Pauli Janhunen Calderon

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