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How Much Time Do You Spend On Your Craft?

I have been focusing a lot lately on analysing and updating my goals and adjusting my daily routine to reflect the course of action required for me to reach them. I have been focusing my energy and prioritising things that have seemed to of been slipping in the balance of my life and where I have noticed bad habit forming.

My focus recently has been on making the move with Jojo [von Salmuth] to England and organising everything together with her in regards to where we will live, putting together a financial plan for the purchase of a new home in West London, registering ourselves as self-employed here, applying for Jojo’s National Insurance number (got the meeting later today) and so on and so forth.

I have also been focusing on my health and fitness goals which had slipped and needed refocusing and also increasing the effort I am investing into my personal education in the form of reading, listening to audio programs, doing online research. And finally my big focus has been on creating this blog as a form of self-reflection, self-cataloguing and self-accountability, creating and expanding the social media presence for The Global Acting Studio and creating daily content for our various platforms and keeping up to date with interactions with our followers. [TGAS: Facebook - twitter - Instagram]

What I have noticed is that although I think and talk a lot about my acting career and have recently starting working with Ömer [Akay] as my manager, and we are focusing massively on the long term big picture of things, I feel as though I have been slipping in terms of my day-to-day work on keeping myself sharp and working on specific skills and technique.

I preach the importance of creating good habits and having good routines. So to get myself back in the groove I am setting myself a new goal.

I am going to choose one scene or monologue per week which I will read, breakdown and analyse the beats, wants, obstacles, the moment before etc. and then at the end of the week I will film it either as a self-tape or with a friend as a short film/scene. The aim of this exercise will be to practice script analysis, character development, self-taping and audition techniques and working with a partner both with and without rehearsal times.

I will also share my on-going work and process, documenting my own development and sharing my techniques and methods of working, both for my own benefit and in the hope that anything I learn or know can perhaps inspire, motivate and help others who also wish to work on their craft.

I have set a goal of working a minimum of 30 minutes per day on this task.

Anybody who wishes to follow my progress can do so on Instagram, twitter and Facebook.


How much time do you invest in yourself and your craft? If you are a musician, how much time do you spend practising and learning new scales? A writer, how many pages do you write per day and how much do you read? Singer: Vocals exercises and core workouts? Real Estate Investor: Looking at properties and getting to know your local area? Artist: Painting, sculpting learning new techniques from other artists?

What classes do you take, workshops and seminars do you attend? Do you have a mentor or a coach?

Share your routines and habits; I would love to learn from you. Send me a message or write in the comments.

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