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Summer 2019: My Goals and Moving Back To England

It was 10 years ago that I left England for the second time. After my drug and alcohol fuelled teen years I was called back to Sweden to do my military service.

Livgardet 2010

After a decade of work, travel, studies and having lived in Sweden, The Czech Republic and Germany I have now returned back to England.

I had never planned on returning after I had left; my ultimate goal is to eventually move to Los Angeles, but that was a little bit too far for my other half for the time being.

After a year in Berlin, Jojo [von Salmuth] and I had the discussion of moving to Prague where I have a lot of work contacts after my time living there and she had ideas of furthering her education in Film Making. She applied to PFS [Prague Film School] and was accepted into the film making program. Our plan was to go over there and I would work and build up my acting credits while she studied and then we would look at moving to LA or London where we could expand on our careers.

When Kim [Liljedahl] contacted me and said he was applying to music school in London it became obviously clear to me that London was the better option for us right now. Instead of going to Prague where Jojo would start building a network and then have to start all over again, we could go straight to England and she could study there.

She applied to several Universities and after being accepted to all of them, she decided on her first choice: Met Film School in Ealing, West London.

With Kim at BIMM and Jojo at Met Film School I will have connections to film equipment and student crew members as well as music studios, rehearsal space and new collaborators, which means the ability to focus on and expand both the music and film side of our careers.

Since being back in England we have had an endless barrage of administrative things to go through. We are currently in the middle of applying for Jojo’s National Insurance number and an application for registering our business partnership so as to be able to work with The Global Acting Studio here in a potentially Post Brexit England.

We also plan on purchasing our first home together and are looking into securing financing so as to be able to do so. It is not an easy process as both of our money comes from abroad.

This summer has already been one filled with a lot of change, and more is on the way. It is both very exciting and challenging and I am constantly learning new things and pushing my own boundaries every day.

I am using the time to create new habits and goals for myself and my business, including financial goals, investment goals, relationship goals and health and fitness goals.

One of my goals has been to start this blog and to make a habit of getting up early, doing my morning exercise followed by a good breakfast and getting to work with the social media work for The Global Acting Studio.

My current goals for the summer are as followed:

- Create strong daily content that provides inspiration and motivation to those that read it while growing our reach with The Global Acting Studio via our various social media channels.

- Create 5 written blog posts per week in the following topics: Monday – Personal, Tuesday – Acting Projects, Wednesday – Music/Our Untold Story, Thursday – Acting/Career Tips and exercises, Friday – Review of a book, film, workshop or such

- Build a bank of resources for The Global Acting Studio which we can give to our members for free so as to help them reach their goals and make their journey to success easier.

- Start on the framework and structure for my first book which will include my life experiences in Music, Acting and Entrepreneurship.

- Wake up at 7am Every day and do my morning exercise routine and upload the first post on to The Global Acting Studio Instagram by 8am

- Read a book for a minimum of 30 minutes per day

- Listen to an audiobook for a minimum of 30 minutes per day

- Go for a walk for a minimum of 1 hour per day

- Think of a minimum of 3 things that I am grateful for in my life and say them out loud

- Write down my goals and plans for the coming week every Sunday and go over them and write down the most important tasks to focus on for the following day each evening

- Find a property to invest in and move into in London which Jojo and I can finance and enjoy together.

What are your goals?

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