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Wake Me Up When September Ends

As Q3 draws to an end and autumn brings its winds of change I can’t help but to look back over the summer months and marvel at the immense change that has come about in my life as of late.

I have moved yet again to another city in another country to start yet another chapter in my ever growing story of life. We found and fell in love with a flat which we lost 2 days before our move in date and then found and moved in to a new property within less than a week after that. My best friend and bassist in Our Untold Story has also moved here and lives with Jojo and I in London and we also have another fellow actor from Berlin, Romane, who will be living with us until the end of the year.

We have a garden that I have tended to, which now is home to 2 squirrels, a red robin, a magpie and at times a majestic fox puppy.

I have also started working part-time 3 nights a week at a Hotel in Central London so as to supplement my income while building up my network and establishing myself locally as an actor and musician. The job is simple enough and gives me the freedom of time to write, read and know that I have enough money to pay my rent and use my daytime hours to focus on auditions and jobs that come in.

My Mother and Stepfather have purchased and moved into their very own pub in Whales, which I can't wait to go and visit as soon as I can.

My sister and her girlfriend have moved in together into a new house with some other housemates and seem to be settling in.

Jojo starts her new adventure at Met Film School where she will be getting her Film making Degree. Her nerves are mounting up but I know that when she gets into her routine she will blossom and soar like there is no tomorrow!

Jojo and I have been incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to stay with my uncle and his family over the summer, rent free! Our gratitude towards them sees no bounds and more over to have had the chance to spend so much time with my youngest cousins was a blessing in of itself. We are still also just a 30min train ride away which is absolutely wonderful.

I also lost my grandfather not long ago. The first major loss in my immediate family. Although the loss is saddening I am very grateful for the fact that it brought my whole family together at a time full of change for all and gave me a new appreciation for those that are still with us.

The time I have spent with my grandmother has been wonderful and she too is just a 30 min train journey away, which is the closest we have lived to one another in about a decade.

Several books have been read, audio programs consumed, movies watched and plans made.

I have been invited to Zurich to teach a special 3 day workshop for The Global Acting Studio and will be returning to Prague to teach for the third time since graduating myself in 2017.

Acting wise I have had 2 stellar projects that I have worked on over the summer, a multitude of auditions, new strategies and plans made together with my manager, Omer and International Agent, Caprice as well as adding a new member to my team by signing with Scandinavian Agent, Malou Schultzberg and of course the release of Carnival Row on Amazon Prime.

The next step is to add a local London representative to the team to begin truly focusing on the next stage of my career.

Music wise Kim and I have made plans for 2 new EPs and a new Album which we aim to produce and record during his time at BIMM where we also hope to find our new band members with whom we can begin planning to tour across the UK with.

With all of this, to then have a cherry added on top with the announcement of new music and tour from one of my all time favourite bands, i find it rather suitable to end this with the title of one of their most famous songs - Wake Me Up When September Ends

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